That's right! You can win your very own date with Blake. All you have to do is submit an entry, and be selected as the winner, or one of the runner's up, by our panel of judges. Winners will be notified by electronic mail.

Contestants must meet the following requirement(s):


Contestants must be female and above the age of 18 (And/Or the legal age of consent for whatever state/country/province the date shall take place in).

Contestants must be residents of the Los Angeles, Ventura, or Santa Barbara Counties, or plan to visit those counties in order to experience their "Date with Blake™".

The rules are simple:

The Rules:

All entries must be submitted before the date of the judging (To be announced). Any entries received after that date will not be eligible for the judging.

All entries must be submitted in the form of a question (e.g., "Would you like this? ...") or in the form of a statement (e.g. "I think you would like this ... ").

Entries shall take the form of an electronic message. The subject of this message shall be your ideas for what should take place on your "Date with Blake™". Entries will be judged on the prime criteria of "What Blake Would Most Like To Do on a Date", with possible sub-criteria of "What Blake Would Least Like To Do on a Date", and "Who Blake Thinks Sent the Best Photograph in an Attempt to Win the Judges Over".

Contestants should not directly lie about what they would like to do to Blake (Unless stated explicitly within the body of the entry), as this is bad form and may be considered a disqualifying factor for future Blake events.

Where to send entries:


Entries should be sent by electronic mail to Win a Date with Blake™ Entries. Be sure to mark your entry by placing the phrase "Win a Date with Blake" in the subject line of your electronic message.

Contestants shall submit as an attachment (If at all possible) an electronic image of themselves (.gif, .jpg, .bmp, etc.) along with their entry.

Inquiries about further rule changes or entry status should be addressed to The Judges.