CUSERT/CC Advisories 2000-Present
Computer User Stupidity Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center

CA-2001-02 Serious Vulnerability in PGP Encryption Feature

June 3, 2001

A serious vulnerability exists in PGP that may prevent users from being able to access encrypted data.  

CA-2001-01 Viscosity Breakdown in Common Password Storage Devices

June 3, 2001

Password storage devices that rely on viscous material may experience viscosity breakdown over time, rendering these devices less effective. In some cases, passwords may be lost completely.

CA-2000-02 Vulnerability in Feature Common to Most Major Web Browsers

April 23, 2000

A feature of most major web browsers provides access to the local hard disk.

CA-2000-01 Poor Error Handling in Password Authentication May Result in Authentication Failure

February 19, 2000

Missing features in most common password authentication applications may result in Authentication Failure.


Last updated June 3, 2001

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