Program was implemented using two classes which, in turn, implemented two interfaces. One class (Process) handled file input and output, parsed the file, checked for proper form, and processed the tags within the file. The second class (Storage) implemented two Vectors; one to hold the original saved text (<d> tagged selections), and one to hold the final, processed text (<k> and <r> tagged).

All error messages are directed to stderr, and the program produces no output (besides the specified output file) unless an error is detected. This is especially advantageous for cases where the program is to be implemented as a scheduled job, though it is unlikely that would happen with this program.

Initially, a DataOutputStream was used for file output, however the output file was found to contain undesired characters, so a PrintStream was implemented instead. This has produced the desired results in the output file.

Project was designed and tested on a system running Windows 98 SE, using MS Visual J++ 6.0 for design and debug.

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in0        out0

in1        out1

in2        out2

in3        out3

in4        out4