The following code examples have all been used on roto-router at some point. I offer them to you, with the hopes that they'll prove useful.

apache-conf - My estimation of what configuration options are needed during ./configure of apache to match the Red Hat 6.x installation.

pop3d - SysV init script for qmail pop3d, based on the qmail smtpd script.

qmail - SysV init script for qmail smtpd, added support for pid files. You should try it with the ulimit line uncommented; it doesn't work on roto-router, but does work on other systems and can help prevent a denial of service.

tarlog - tars up log files, stores them in a specified location, checks for changes, and sends off an email message to announce success (if so desired).

qmail-install - Script to automate the lifewithqmail installation. Be sure to edit and modify the vars at the start.