Golden_Eternity's Computing Page

Personal Essays:

Guide to Tweaking Windows 95
My essay on Windows 95 customization

NNTP Lesson
Essay on basic NNTP with information on fake news posting

Spam Lesson, Part One
Essay on how to protect yourself from being spammed


NNTP Lesson Transcripts
Lesson given in #Hackerz_Rulez on (IRC) March 1998

Spam Lesson (Part One) Transcripts
Lesson given in #Hackerz_Rulez on (IRC) April 1998

Text Files:

Are you a Hacker?
Text on the meaning of the term "hacker" by Robert Bickford

Script Kiddies
Editorial about "Script Kiddies" by AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich

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Computer Purity Test