Remember, its important to consider whether you want to look at the hints or not... If someone gives you the answer, you don't really have much in the way of bragging rights.

This wargame is located at www.hackerslab.org. First, you need to get an account by registering for the Free Hacking Zone. Once you've got your account, you telnet into drill.hackerslab.org, log in as level0 with the password 'guest', and go for it.

There are 14 levels to crack, each account is named levelX where X is the level number.

level0 -> level1

level1 -> level2

level2 -> level3

level3 -> level4

level4 -> level5

level5 -> level6

level6 -> level7

level7 -> level8

level8 -> level9

level9 -> level10

level10 -> level11